Should I be telling NZ Post how to do their job ???

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Should I be telling NZ Post how to do their job ???

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14 Mar ordered headphone ear covers from Ali Express in China $14 incl postage and handling.
15 Mar item packaged and picked up by courier
12 Apr item arrived NZ
20 Apr item in Whangarei

(Ali Express tracker show this, and showed that NZ post was the courier.) The tracking number didn't appear on NZ post tracker.
Went to courier post to pick up item. Because they didn't have a tracking number they said they couldn't help. I showed them the tracking from Ali Express to say item in Whangarei. They said that I had to contact the sending courier. After several minutes I realized they were not going to help so I left before I lost the plot. I tried to say that surely they must be able to track the parcel somehow in the system.

After I got home sat down and thought it shouldn't happen because it had been tracked to Whangarei and there should be some link.
I did some online looking of my own. Found a site that tracks all global parcels. Entered the original tracking number and about 2 minutes later it had collated the data and sent a very detailed report of the item and where it had been. It had been given a different tracking number on arrival at NZ. I had the wrong tracking number.

Fair enough, but how come it only took me 10 minutes of looking to find the whole story and the new tracking number. Why couldn't NZ Post help me with this. They are supposed to be the experts. The item was there at the depot when I went to collect it. They weren't even interested in having a look when I gave my name. The item even had my phone number on it.

I am not going down to pick it up until after ANZAC day as I might say something I shouldn't.
Try this link if your parcels go missing or are held up for some reason
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