Hotfix Notes 5.3.22

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Hotfix Notes 5.3.22

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Below are the patch notes for the last AA:PG hotfix. Thank you for helping us make the final version of AA:PG on PC the best it can be. We hope you are able to enjoy Private Servers and the community for as long as possible. HOOAH!

Note: AA:PG Official Servers and Support were shut down on May 5th, 2022, but Private Servers on Steam will remain accessible.

PC Ver 342621 Notes

UMM Pack Fixes
  • FLO_Pipeline_AC

    Spawning Fixes (spawning below ground, or outside spawn barriers)
  • FLO_Homestead_C4
  • FLO_Homestead_VIP
  • FLO_Hospital_EX
  • FLO_Hospital_VIP
  • FLO_MoutMcKenna_TH
  • FLO_Overload_VIP
  • FLO_RockyRoad_EX
  • Fixed an issue causing repeated Steam logins when returning to the main menu
  • Fixed an exploit with recoil when using a mounted position
  • Stat fixes