Hotfix Notes 4.26.22

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Hotfix Notes 4.26.22

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Based on player feedback we have released a PC hotfix with bug fixes.

Note: AA:PG Official Support and Servers will be shut down on May 5th, 2022, but Private Servers on PC will remain accessible.

PC Ver 342318 Notes

  • Added M17 Elite and SCAR-H Elite achievements to Steam
  • Shoothouse leaderboards now have Steam-only implementation
  • Shoothouse Global leaderboard is blank, and Friends leaderboard will be pulled from Steam data based on the user's Steam friends
  • Stat fixes
  • Bridge fixes on climbing into unintended positions
  • VMC (vault/mantle/climb) has received a code update to fix an issue for interacting with blocking volumes
  • UMM Pack Fixes for FLO_DoubleImpact_TH and FLO_SmugglersHarbour_VIP
  • Fixed a Windows Server crash that would sometimes appear while encoding strings